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Company Profile

Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chifeng Gold” or “the Company”) is a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the A-share marekt (stock code: 600988). The Company is specialized in gold acquisition and integrated resource recovery and utilization. Its products include rare and precious metals such as mold, silver, bismuth, palladium and rhodium.

With a registered capital of RMB 1.426 billion, Chifeng Gold operates a workforce of over 4,000. The Company has 8 mining rights and 12 exploration rights. It has applied for the audit and registration of the gold reserves of about 55.75 tons and the mining area of about 60 sq km at the Land and Resources Management Department. TheCompany has been one of the 12 gold groups across the nation.

Chifeng Gold focuses on corporate governance and standard operation. It values economic benefits, repays the society and its investors. It values social benefits, corporate cultural building and ecological civilization construction, and takes social responsibilities.

As a growing gold company, Chifeng Gold will remain committed to innovate management, operate in a low-cost way, increase gold acquisition efforts, promote scaled and intensive development, boost resource recovery and utilization, spreading and application of other environment-friendly technologies, in ways to ensure effective utilization and reasonable development of resources. Amid the “Belt and Road” Initiative, we will work to build Chifeng Gold into a listed gold miner that is renowned worldwide.

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