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The Exhibition of Chifeng Gold in the First Day of China Gold Congress and Expo 2018
Views:15614   Time:2018-07-25
The first report toChifeng Gold’s participation inChina Gold Congress and Expo 2018

In July in Beijing, the sun blazes like a ball of fire and heat waves cook the people. In Beijing National Convention Center, breeze of coolness goes through the room thronged with people. Here, China Gold Congress and Expo 2018is being held. China Gold Congress and Expo 2018, co-sponsored by the China Gold Association and the World Gold Council, is held every two years. It is the most authoritative and influential international event in the gold industry with the largest scale, the highest specification and the only whole industry chain.As a participant of the conference, Chifeng Gold also showed itself in such a world-class event in the gold industry.

On the morning of the first day of the conference, the Chifeng Gold’s Founder and Controlling Shareholder Mr. Zhao Meiguang, the Chairman Mr. LyuXiaozhao and the Board Secretary Zhou Xinbing were invited as representatives of the governing unit to attend the 10th meeting of the 3rd Council of China Gold Association. After the meeting, the authoritative information was released, "China Gold Industry Social Responsibility Report (2018)", "China Gold Yearbook 2018", "Global Silver Yearbook 2018 (Chinese)", "Global Platinum PalladiumYearbook 2018 (Chinese)", and Chifeng Gold was presented with relevant reports.

At 14:00p.m., the company’s Chairman, Mr. LyuXiaozhao, was invited to preside over the “Gold Exploration and Capital Market Forum”. Guest speakers attending the forum analyzed thehot issues of current global gold exploration and capital market from various perspectives, shared the development experience of advanced mines, and put forward original opinions to the future development of gold capital market. Many participants made positive comments on the results of this forum and highly appreciated the chairmanship of Mr.Lyu.

From 17:00p.m.to 18:00p.m., the company was also invited to meet with the Mongolian delegation to conduct in-depth communication and exchanges on the mine projects it promoted, and the two sides had established a basis for long-term exchanges.

As a co-sponsor, with the help of this conference, Chifeng Gold further promoted the external publicity, broadcasted Chinese and English propaganda films, and also exhibited the productions of gold, silver, bismuth, platinum, palladium, germanium and other characteristic ores.

Several companies, domestic and foreign, involving in gold mining, beneficiation, deep processing, trading, investment, consulting services and other industrial chain links,came to Chifeng's booth for communication and exchanges. The reception of the company's staff was warm. Detailed introductions and explanations on visitor’s concerns were offered with professional knowledge and meanwhile Chifeng's positive, open-minded external image was shown. The staff had also been to various booths to actively promote Chifeng, and established contacts with several enterprises. Some foreign enterprises and associations also invited Chifeng to attend some large-scale mining activities held in their countries.

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