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The Meeting of Chifeng Gold and MongolianDelegation
Views:16228   Time:2018-07-27
The second report to Chifeng Gold’s participation in China Gold Congress and Expo 2018

On July 24, 2018, the first day of China Gold Congress and Expo 2018, Chifeng Gold met with delegation from Mongolia.

The Mongolian delegation consisted of officials from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mining Rights Exchange Centre and managers of key mining enterprises. The leaders of Chifeng Gold attending this meeting were the company's Chairman LyuXiaozhao, Director and General Manager Gao Bo, DeputyGeneral Manager RenWensheng, CaiShengfeng, Sun Xiaoyan and Board Secretary Zhou Xinbing.

The representatives of Mongolia made introductions and instructions in respect of several current key mining projects mainly of gold and related policy issues in their country. They said that, as Chifeng is located in Inner Mongolia, where is near the area of Mongolia and has a similar language to Mongolia, they hoped to make financial and technical co-operations and jointly develop the mining resources in the area of mining industry such as gold. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and communication on the Mongolia’s gold resources, years of mining rights, taxation and supportive policies for foreign investors investing in Mongolia.

Although this meeting only lasted for an hour, the two sides exchanged views on several key projects promoted by Mongolia and established along-term communication channel, and Chifeng Gold was also invited to preside over the Mongolian Mining Investment Forum of China Gold Congress and Expo 2018 on the afternoon of July 25.

Chairman LyuXiaozhao finally said that the meeting was very successful. Due to the short time, we would take the relevant information back and conduct further in-depth research. We hoped to establish a long-term communication channel with this meeting as an opportunity. At present, Chifeng Gold is a listed company of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and one of the 12 largest gold groups in China. Our business is mainly in gold, and we also have other metals such as silver and copper and other scattered metals. With regard to business, Chifeng Gold's exhibition booth can show you the details, and we have professionals to introduce and answer. Besides Inner Mongolia, Chifeng Gold has several projects in Liaoning, Hunan and Anhui provinces. Chifeng Gold is on the road of internationalization. This year it plans to invest 275 million US dollars -, nearly 2 billion yuan, in Laos to buy a copper and gold mine, and has signed a share purchase agreement attached with effective conditions. As to the projects promoted by the Mongolian delegation, although they are projects of early exploration, we could also actively consider them if they are high-quality projects. The two sides can discuss the next step of in-depth co-operation on good projects, and we hope to maintain long-term effective communication in the future, and welcome to Beijing and Inner Mongolia.

The Mongolian delegation appreciated this meeting with Chifeng Gold and said that although the time of this meeting was relatively short, the two sides had established a channel for communication and exchanges. They believed that there would be broad prospects for cooperation in the future.

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