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Chifeng Gold Carried Out Safety Production Inspection
Views:15311   Time:2018-08-06

On August 2, a five-person inspection team led by Chifeng Gold’s deputy general manager Sun Xiaoyan and Security & Environmental Protection Department manager Wang Huixin went to the subsidiary Wulong Gold to carry out routine safety inspection and guidance work.

During the three-day inspection, the inspection team went deep into the production line of each sub-mine and concentrator and carefully inspected the underground operation site, the surface plant workshop, the tailings treasury area, the staff quarters, the flood control ditch and the flood control warehouse and also listened to introduction and work report from Wulong Gold’sdeputy general manager Li Jiahe. After a detailed understanding of the safety production situation at each location, the inspection team fully affirmed the safety production work of Wulong Gold in the first half of the year, and believed that the safety production work of Wulong Gold had been carried out in a well-organized and steady promotion and deserved commendation.

At the same time, the inspection team also objectively and accurately pointed out the existing shortcomingsand deficiencies and raised guidance. The inspection team pointed out that the safety management personnel at all levels of Wulong Gold should attach great importance to safety production work, and not slackat safety work due to the tension production tasks, and pay attention to staff training, daily inspection, strict grasp of three violations, and intensified assessment to ensure the effective implementation of all work, and steadily improve the safety situation of Wulong.

While further standardizing the safety production work,this routine safety inspection carried out by Chifeng Goldput forward targeted preventive measures and suggestionsto the subsidiaries and has great guiding significance for their smooth conduction of safety production work in the second half of the year.

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