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The Enlightenment of China Gold Congress and Expo to the future development of Chifeng Gold
Views:16508   Time:2018-08-06
The forth report to Chifeng Gold’s participation in China Gold Congress and Expo 2018

On July 26, it entered into the last day of China Gold Congress and Expo 2018. On this day, Green Mining Development Forum, Gold Derivatives Market Forum, “Marine Silk Road” Gold Jewelry New Opportunities in Emerging Markets Forum, Financial Services of Precious Metal in the Era of Change, and Top Gold Miners Dialogue were being held parallel. The contents were diverse and rich. As a gold mining enterprise, Chifeng Gold’s leaders and staff attended “Green Mining Development Forum”, “Financial Services of Precious Metal in the Era of Change”, “Top Gold Miners Dialogue” and other sub-forums.

Green Mining Development Forum invited a number of gold smelting technology experts to make explanations on green technologies such as “Green Smelting”, “Pollution Control of Cyanide Leaching Residue”, “Innovation Development of Processing and Smelting Technology” and “Low Cyanide Gold Extraction Technology”. In the forum “Financial Services of Precious Metal in the Era of Change”, experts and scholars attending at the conference elaborated on the issues of the development of China’s economy, the Sino-US Trade War, the structure of future gold industry development, the global economic situation and asset allocation structure. They also put forward that with regard to the development of precious metal in the era of change, we should be clearly aware of the pattern changes in the international and domestic gold market and current development issues of gold industry, be timely adapted to the changes of external gold, be closely around people’s growing needs for the improvement of life quality, persist in reform and innovation, and give full play to the role of precious metal financial services.

The picture shows that the company’s leaders and staff attended the Financial Services of Precious Metal Forum.

Top Gold Miners Dialogue was attended by the principals of international and domestic key gold enterprises. They made a face-to-face communication focusing on theopportunities and challenges for the green development of gold enterprises and the win-win cooperation of gold enterprises under “the Belt and Road Initiatives”. The industry giants attending to this forum offered suggestions and discussed the development plans in regard to the green development of gold industry and win-win cooperation according to their respective national and company conditions.

The picture shows the principals of key gold enterprises attending to theTop Gold Miners Dialogue.

There was a 2017 annual China gold industry rankings and awards ceremony in “Gold Night” held in the evening.

The picture shows the awards ceremony in Gold Night.

The biennial China Gold Congress and Expo had successfully concluded in applause and laughter. Award-winners were delighted and attenders were still immersed. Although this international event of gold industry ended, its effect was far from over. Those splendid views of gold industry giants and spokesmen were lingering in each attender’s mind, leaving more thoughts on the future development of gold industry, as well as passion for action. Under the complicated international and domestic economic situation, the issues on how to develop the entire chain of gold industry, how can gold mining enterprises get out of the bottleneck of resource constrains, how to proceed under the increasingly strict supervision of environmental protection, safety, taxation, finance and other policies, how to solve the mining enterprises’ financing difficulties, how to integrate into the market need to be further implemented in order to achieve actual effect. Facing the difficulties and challenges, according to the sound strategies developed in this congress, each participant is preparing concrete actions to implement the spirit of the conference

This China Gold Congress and Expo also pointed out the direction for the future development of Chifeng Gold. Chifeng Gold will adhere to “Two-wheel Drive” development strategy, make full use of the achievements of the conference, take advantage of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, take a foothold in China and keep an eye on the whole world to achieve green development, circular development and low-carbon development in a more environmental-friendly, cleaner, more efficient way and strive to build Chifeng Gold into a domestically advanced and internationally renowned listed gold miner.

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